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We mainly support Tibetans in Indian exile, particularly in South India in Karnataka state, near Mysuru:

  • We are constantly looking for sponsors for monks or lay people.
  • We support school projects.  Currently, we are supporting 140 young monks who are studying at Serpom Monastery with educational aids.
  • We take care of medical support for young and old people in the Tibetan settlements that are in need of help.
  • Until recently we have supported a pre-school with about 65  children of farmers in Gyalthang / Shangrila / Tibet .
  • To contribute to the cultural exchange we organize rituals, talks, seminars and study groups on Buddhist topics.

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If you wish to promote one of the projects, please transfer your donation directly to our bank account or send the amount via PayPal, indicating the project you are donating for. You can find all the relevant information on our Contact&Donations page.